Friday, June 24, 2016

PHS Clinical Research

Loyola is poised to begin participation in the first two nationally funded observational studies funded by PCORI using the Clinical Data Research Networks (CDRNs).  Loyola Health System and Loyola University are part of the Chicago-area funded CDRN called CAPriCORN.  Both studies are focused on obesity and will take advantage of the rich data available through the electronic medical records.  One study will monitor the long term outcomes of 3 common types of bariatric surgery.  This study will be lead locally by Drs. Amy Lukeand Bipand Chand.  The second study will look at the relationship between antibiotic use in young children and growth/weight gain.  Dr. Lara Dugas will serve as the Loyola site PI for this study.  Several other studies utilizing CAPriCORN are anticipated in the near future.  The Loyola PI for CAPiCORN is Dr. Fran Weaver.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PHS Faculty Member and colleagues identify tumor gene

Department of Public Health Sciences Faculty member, Michael Zilliox Ph.D., and his colleagues have identified a tumor gene that may help to predict survival outcomes in patients with cancer of the mouth and tongue.

If the gene is expressed (turned on), patients are 4.6 times more likely to die at any given time, according to a their work.

Learn more about it here.

Michael Zilliox and lab manager Gina Kuffel working with next-generation sequencers